Astrology Today

Astrology Today is a bi-weekly newsletter published by the creator of the Time Nomad app. The main points of difference:

  • Covers current and upcoming astrological events.
  • Offers no-nonsence and jargon-free explanations.
  • Aims to make you learn something new each time.
  • Balanced to be entertaining vs academic sounding.

Simply put, the newsletter is not trying to behave like a clever and hard-to-understand-expert astrologer. It doesn’t use exotic words and terms that only few incumbents understand. The newsletter is a down-to-earth source of astrological news and knowledge for the rest of us — without being simplistic or shallow.

Astrology Today strives to provide value to each of its readers!

Subscribe to the newsletter (we will send you a welcome email right awaydon’t forget to check your junk folder and mark our email as non-junk) and receive fresh astrological updates on what is happening in the sky and extend your astrological knowledge — a great and entertaining way to learn a bit more with each issue.

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