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Denis Zubkov

The current Christmas lunar cycle is nicely wrapping up the whole year of 2019. The cycle has begun on November 26 and will be unfolding until the next New Moon of December 26, falling just a few days short of the New Year and bringing us a solar eclipse as the Moon will align with its South Node on December 26.

The main feature of this cycle is its seemingly empty nature, the lack of any significant astrological events. This cosmic silence is a necessary preamble to the big event we’ve all been waiting for last 30-something years, the great Saturn–Pluto conjunction that marks the completion of a chapter of human history and transition to a new economical, social and political reality that is gradually unfolding (don’t we all fancy those crazy news) right in front of our eyes.

An auspicious time window to look into the crystal ball of the future is December 11 as beautiful Venus will be exactly conjunct to Saturn — a fruitful combination that is enhanced by the Full Moon of the next day, December 12. As it could be expected from the goddess of beauty, Venus goes well with pretty much every other celestial body. This Venus–Saturn conjunction infused with the Fullness of the Moon brings a precious opportunity to use your intuition and reach out into the domain of Kronos, the measurer of time and karma, which is the role of Saturn as we know it.

In the emptiness of this lunar cycle one can discern important clues and signs of events and trends that will be unfolding in the next 30+ years of the new Saturn–Pluto period that is likely to introduce changes through its usual manner of destabilisation and shaking of “oh-so-familiar” foundations that we used to believe are just how the life should be indeed. But as there are many other ways to make life work, one may only wonder what is the next wonderful turn the human history will take. I have extensively written about the nature of Saturn–Pluto conjunctions and what they mean at large, you are welcome to refresh your knowledge reading part one and part two on the Time Nomad blog.

People who traditionally benefit the most from everything Saturn–Pluto are those who are well prepared in advance. I don’t see that the upcoming conjunction will have a big impact on personal lives, it’s not how this pair works. There is little doubt that we all will experience certain stimulating discomforts as the societal and economic realities morph into a new configuration. And that’s the way Saturn–Pluto acts on each of us: through our positioning in the broader context of the macrocosm we currently inhabit. No (wo)man is an island!

Saturn is the planet of promises well kept, the promises we gave to ourselves and intentions we hold towards others. Some of those promises are noble, others may contain a tinge of emotional bile. The passage of Venus on December 11 brings the fresh breath of benevolence and forgiveness much needed to prepare oneself for the Spirit of Christmas, the time to make presents and receive gifts. Speaking about gifts… scroll just a little bit down for some helpful gem-inspired advice!

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s,

Discovering energies of crystals

Say it with gemstones! Make them feel special, always…

Full Moon and Crystals — Time to Cleanse and Recharge

It’s that time of the year when everyone is on a quest for the most inspiring and original gift ideas. Perhaps you too want to find gifts that are meaningful and even have a certain degree of magic in them.

The Christmas Spirit inspires you to find something special that will surprise and delight those you love and cherish the most. Well, now is the time to tap from your gemstone knowledge and make that gift giving magic happen…

Gemstone jewellery, or maybe even home decor items like crystal spheres or pyramids, is more than a gift. It’s the energy that will stay with your loved ones for many years to come. A semi-precious gemstone gift will do its long lasting magic and also remind them about you in an intimate and subtle way, especially true when it comes to jewellery items that are always so close to the body.

Gemstone jewellery is a perfect Christmas gift charged with energies of the Earth and topped up with your personal intention. Let’s find that meaningful present for the special person in your life — a gift that allows you to say so much without uttering a single word.

  • Say how much you love and care with Pink Opal or Rose Quartz
  • Express your passion and commitment with Garnet and Ruby
  • Encourage and motivate with Rutilated Quartz
  • Help to look at things in perspective with Lapis Lazuli
  • Bring harmony with Larimar
  • Uplift with Blue Topaz
  • Mesmerise and ignite intuition with Labradorite
  • Boost confidence and protection with Onyx, Obsidian or Tiger Eye
  • Pass wisdom and serenity with Amethyst
  • Inject joy and energy with Citrine and Carnelian

And much much more… Learn how to find the right crystal energy for the gift being guided by the gemstone colour. It’s a simple and structured approach that will deliver your message, precisely and succinctly. Keep reading….

Lara Gems, founder of Gems In Style jewellery Lara Gems,
Gemstone Strategist and Founder of Gems In Style Jewellery