The signs of the Zodiac

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The signs of the Zodiac in the human body

The signs of the Zodiac are not limited to the sky only. Every human body is a miniature replica of the larger cosmos, and the Zodiac signs rulership projects itself into all major parts of the human anatomycontinue reading

Astrological events

Looking into the skies

Celestial events that grace our skies this week:

The Full Moon eclipsed by the Earth on January, 21

The fullness of the Sun energy will be somewhat blocked by the shadow to the Earth on its way to the Moon. Consider taking that day at 50% of your capacity, not all energy will be available for personal progress.

Venus – Jupiter conjunction on January, 22

An excellent event. Both lucky planets, both tap from the source of creativity. Good time for making things big, the celestial couple will facilitate bringing your creative projects to fruition.

Astrological comment

Grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Venus – Jupiter conjunct

Astrological chart with the grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Venus-Jupiter conjunction

Exacting Venus – Jupiter conjunction will have an additional effect as the passing Moon will form a grand trine connecting this aspect to Mars.

Pretty much each planet of this formation is in its favourable sign: Mars is in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius. Venus feels okay in Sagittarius, being in dignity. The Moon may be somewhat “overheated” by being in Leo, traditionally ruled by the Sun.

This trine may work in rather interesting ways. On one hand grand trines are harmonious and help flow of energies. On the other hand most of the planets are at the their “peak” performance moments. Bear in mind that Mars – Venus is a passionate couple!

It will be good to spare the Moon, the sphere of inner feelings and keep it cool during that day.

Other events of the week…

Sun moves into Aquarius, Jan 20

Mercury moves to Aquarius, Jan 23

Sun – Mercury conjunction, Jan 29

Long-term events

Saturn – Pluto conjunction is currently at 7.54º orb is slowly approaching its exact state on Jan 13, 2020. Read the story