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Denis Zubkov

The New Moon initiates current lunation with a beautifully prominent Venus–Neptune conjunction that happens to be in tropical Pisces, the sign traditionally ruled by Neptune and in which Venus is exalted, a double win! If you’re a stargazer then you can obviously notice that diamond-like shining Venus is actually in the constellation of Aquarius and therefore in the same sidereal sign of Aquarius.

Yes, that’s the ongoing debate about which Zodiac model is more “precise”. I believe that some very simple observations point at actual validity of both systems, both systems can be used in parallel and that only enriches astrological vision: while there are infinitely many ways to divide a circle into 12 parts, both sidereal and tropical divisions rest on astronomical reality and esoteric principles. If you’re a curious kind and would like to refresh your understanding, head over to “The Sidereal Zodiac in astrology, its strengths and weaknesses”

Already strong energy of Venus–Neptune conjunction is additionally stimulated and challenged by Mars square to both planets. The Venus–Neptune combo always speaks of “love”, both earthy love and celestial love that are surprisingly two different modalities of the phenomena of love. While Venus always needs harmonious and ideally beautiful relationships, Neptune takes the notion of “ideal” beyond the earthy domain all the way to trans-galactic spheres and universal expansion. No wonder Neptune aspects are tricky to handle well without getting intoxicated by own’s dreams, illusions and… delusions. Inspired if not blinded by strong Venus–Neptune one may seek for the ultimate love in all the wrong places. This aspect is better enjoyed through internal feelings as both Venus and Neptune are too “celestial” to be reliably embodied and hugged down here on Earth. Go for all things art — as art inspires and brings the sense of awe and harmony while preserving its lofty and intangible nature. Indulgence is the curse, appreciation and enjoyment is the key!

Influence of Mars that has recently passed the fixed star Antares introduces an additional dimension to Venus–Neptune: it makes it spicy and “scorpionic”. Something to be aware of is Mars’ natural propensity to push a bit too hard, to grasp. That certainly works well in business and performance sports. Yet watch out when it comes to everything Venus–Neptune: if subtle enjoyable balance suddenly turns into frustration and anger then you know that’s Mars taking over. A good strategy is to pull back from the red zone and stay on the soft side of emotional spectrum, keep the sense of wellbeing, warmth and enjoyment. Mars square challenge concludes on February, 9.

Finally, there’s always something to talk about the ever-unfolding Saturn–Pluto conjunction… read Astrological Weather down the page.

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Discovering energies of crystals

Archetypes, Planetary Energies, Gemstones and… Our Chakras

Lapis lazuli gemstone and planetary energies

Have you ever wondered how planetary energies and the archetypes they represent “unpack” themselves in gemstones and metals? And, by the way, what are the archetypes?

To put it simply, for many things and beings that exist down here on Earth there are corresponding blueprints that exist in celestial realms. As we know, blueprints are always perfect and rather an ideal representation of the creator’s vision. Yet no matter how perfect the design was, the real world implementation will invariably drift from the original plan. That’s life!

The astrological principles are somewhat similar to the archetypes and gemstones are great “connectors” to astral spaces and forces. Despite being thoroughly manifested in the physical world, gemstones still retain an amazing degree of archetypal purity — adorable marvels that lend themselves to a variety of practical and magical applications.

Larimar — the Atlantis Stone — represents a beautiful synergy of Uranus and Neptune planetary energies — the power of futuristic vision and highly idealistic values. Larimar helps overcome the obstacles of your mind and connect you to your inner truth. Activates the Throat chakra. Read more about Larimar… Discover our Larimar jewellery…

Pink Opal is a wonderful union of the two most feminine celestial archetypes — Venus and Moon — will support you in all heart-related matters (love, self-acceptance, relationships). It invites the energy or renewal, hope and optimism. Opens and nurtures the Heart chakra. Read more about Pink Opal… Discover our Pink Opal jewellery…

Labradorite — the Stone of Inner Light and Intuition — is a captivating fusion of Mercury and Moon planetary energies. It helps you connect with your intuition and gain trust in yourself while shattering self-doubts and self-judgement. Activates all chakras. Read more about Labradorite… Discover our Labradorite jewellery…

Lapis Lazuli — the Stone of the Starry Night Sky — is your invitation to significantly expand your deep reaching vision of this reality and find missing links in any situation: here, there, anywhere. It helps facilitate self-awareness and self-expression. Activates the Third Eye and Throat chakras. Read more about Lapis Lazuli… Discover our Lapis Lazuli jewellery…

Rutilated Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals that can help you manifest your intentions. This gemstone exhibits the Sun–Mars dialectic: the power of active self-manifestation through personal will, drive and action. Activates all chakras. Read more about Rutilated Quartz… Discover our Rutilated Quartz jewellery…

Black Onyx is your best companion when you need to connect to your inner strength, boost your confidence and shield your energy from negative vibrations. Black Onyx perfectly manifests the Pluto archetype. It holds a solid connection between the physical world and hidden unseen realities of the Underworld. It anchors and activates your Root Chakra. Read more about Black Onyx… Discover our Black Onyx jewellery…

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Astrological Weather

Saturn–Pluto conjunction is far from over, embrace 2020!

This slow, as everything that relates to both Saturn and Pluto, conjunction unravels trough the whole of year 2020 and completes on January 31, 2021.

It’s a complex astrological dance during which both planets turn retrograde and direct — twice, once in 2019 and once in 2020. Because of this to-and-fro movement, a second not exact but tight approach takes place on October 4, 2020 with an orb of 2.84º.

In other words we can expect the whole of 2020 to be rather interesting in terms of world developments. What becomes more apparent is the increasing role on nature in human affairs. Recent shock from disastrous bushfires in Australia have now been eclipsed by the January arrival of coronavirus in China that leaves little doubts about its world-wide expansion.

The nature is becoming increasingly less invisible and complacent with human actions. Perhaps nature is the new “variable” that humanity has to learn to take into respectful equation. So far we lived with the idea that we can bend the nature to our will… well it turns out to be the other way round. Time to take the beating and change our ways?

Astrological charts for October 2020 with Saturn-Pluto conjunction

An overview of important Saturn-Pluto dates for 2020. Note that October 4 event when Pluto turns from retrograde to direct is strengthened by Jupiter conjunction and multiple squares with Mars, Eris, the Black Moon and the Sun. That’s pretty hot!