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Welcome to the Uranian New Moon, a great and brief celestial alignment that coincided the New Moon with the Sun–Uranus exact conjunction. We are currently at the beginning of the new November lunar cycle that has begun with the sense of “perfectly unexpected” configuration. Uranus is still retrograde and perhaps not as edgy but regardless of that the world is prepping itself for more news to come as the Sun is traversing through the domain of Scorpio.

Uranus not only brings flashes and intuition, it also awakens and shakes things up. Uranus is traditionally associated with the future and the ability to see and predict things before they manifest themselves on the worldly scene. Ultimately, in the human body it’s the Moon that “sees” by receiving Uranian spontaneity via bodily senses and subtle feelings. The challenge comes from the electric nature of Uranus that can potentially result in feeling agitated and restless.

If Uranus is the fire in the sky, Mars is the fire of the physical domain that sparks drive, competitiveness and often aggression. In November Mars is travelling from one square to another, from Saturn to Pluto, and on November, 5 an exact square takes place between Mars and Pluto. Both are the planets of fire and squares between them tend to bring out combustive confrontations resulting in groundbreaking outcomes since Pluto is the planet of all things related to the Underworld.

Is it a time to dive into action or to stay calm and observe? The answer will depend on how well one can handle agitation potentially coming out of the Sun–Uranus opposition. If you feel like your hand and spirit are steady then proceed while carefully navigating around any long-term unresolved issues for Pluto always keeps the score. In the case of feeling restless, a useful advice would be to find a peaceful harbour exploring your creativity, and that’s where Mercury–Venus conjunction lends us its helping joyful wings.

Wings in the sky,

Discovering energies of crystals

New Moon — Setting Intentions and Manifesting with Crystals

New Moon — Setting Intentions and Manifesting with Crystals

Each New Moon is an invitation to pause, revisit and realign your thoughts, your plans and your life with your inner truth. The New Moon is a natural phase of darkness and stillness, time of potent emptiness and inner silence… It’s the best time for your psyche to dive deeper, reach out to your inner truth and set the momentum for the next Moon cycle.

New Moon is the time to plant new “seeds” of your intentions that you will be manifesting throughout the upcoming lunation. Start “planting” these seeds 24 hours before the New Moon moment.

Did you know that you can unite the stillness of the New Moon with the magic of crystals to support you on your journey through the next Moon cycle?

Crystals are super powerful helpers when it comes to manifestation. They can assist you in harnessing new opportunities and overcoming challenges. They may help you reach your real potential and make your own energy work towards your goals. But you really need to want it and do it! Continue reading and learn how to work with crystals during the New Moon…

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Astrological Weather

All things lofty, Venus and Mercury

We are currently blessed with this beautiful conjunction clearly visible in the evening skies — Mercury and Venus are exactly conjunct on October 30 just one day before Mercury makes a U-turn and begins its retrograde phase on October 31. This highlights the fact that Mercury is at its maximum angular separation from the Sun thus making itself much more energetically available to human endeavours.

Regardless of retrograde movement, Mercury and Venus combine their energies well. Both bodies are the closest of all to the Sun and therefore connect us to the spirit of solar creativity and energy of life. If one believes in angels or accepts the idea of higher beings in general then those two planets are the best conduits to relate to all principles above this mortal plane.

In any case, enjoy the heightened sense of aesthetics and harmony that this celestial couple passes so well — and keep your spirit young.

Astrological charts for November 2019 lunation with the New and  Full Moon phases

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Long-term events

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