Astrologer’s companion app for iPhone & iPad

Time Nomad is a fine astrology app that is always with you, right in your pocket. The app calculates real-time astrological charts, transits, synastry, progressions, fixed stars and much more.

Astrological software on mobile phone and tablet

Explore astrology and astronomy in clarity and style

The Time Nomad astrology app is free for all its core functionality. All additional features are optional and don’t obstruct your use of the app in any way. Create as many astrological profiles as you need. You will own all your data as it is stored on your iCloud account, no registration, login or password is ever needed — you can start using it right away — either for yourself or for your astrological practice.

Moon phase and cycle widget for iPhone Lock Screen

Moon Phase & Cycle widget

This Lock Screen and Home Screen family of widgets covers current lunation, Moon phase, zodiac sign and other parameters, including eclipses, transit through constellations and fixed star conjunctions.

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Astrologival chart widget for iPhone home screen

Chart for Now widget

This Home Screen widget displays current astrological chart and is fully configurable to your liking. Add multiple instances of the widget to show different aspects of astrological weather. Stack widget instances on top of each other and simply flick through them with your finger.

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Planetary hour widget for iPhone home screen

Planetary Hour & Weekday widgets

This Home Screen widget displays current planetary hour as well as the planetary day of the week. The widget can be configured to produce an audio alarm or a text notification at the beginning of each hour.

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Moon current nakshatra widget for iPhone Home Screen

The Nakshatras (lunar mansions) widget

This Home Screen widget tracks current Moon nakshatra and includes an app extension that allows to reveal all chart planets within their corresponding nakshatras.

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Join thousands of satisfied users

Time Nomad is proud to serve the astrological community by providing this top notch free astrological and astronomical software to everybody who wants to understand movements of celestial bodies and learn the symbolic language of astrology and mythology behind this ancient branch of human knowledge.

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2285 ratings and
392 reviews on the App Store

Time Nomad combines essential sets of astrological charts with attractive graphic displays and cutting-edge discoveries, including transit charts, progressed charts, synastry charts, composite charts, planetary hours, aspectarians; tropical and sidereal options, minor bodies such as asteroids, Chiron, Kuiper Belt objects; and illuminating points such as the lunar nodes, vertex, and Part of Fortune.

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Why Time Nomad is so convenient?

Time Nomad was created with the intention to give you a tool that would enable you to better understand the dynamics of celestial bodies and their corresponding astrological meaning and interpretation. The app is a perfect companion for astrologers of any level — from a student who is beginning to learn astrology to a professional practicing astrologer offering clients’ charts reading and using prediction techniques.

Astrological software on mobile phone with light and dark themes

Time Nomad keeps you in touch with ever changing configuration of planets, minor bodies, asteriods and the fixed stars. It’s a modern astrology app designed to give you answers in real time. Astronomical and astrological information is presented in an unadorned, concise yet expressive manner to help you see the bigger picture.

Time Nomad comes with useful iOS event notifications that notify about upcoming events — in advance — aspects, transits, solar and lunar returns, phases of the Moon and the Moon Void of Course.

The app supports both tropical and sidereal zodiac systems. The sidereal Zodiac reporting comes with a variety of ayanamsa.

User feedback on the App Store

Nothing like it. ★★★★★
Thank you for the work you do that allows us all to stay informed of the changes above while mobile. There’s nothing like this app, or rather, no other that compares.
Love ★★★★★
I adore this app, and it is by far the best phone astrology app I have found. one thing I would love to see is possibly a place to make notes on a chart, and also the ability to add more asteroids (I love asteroids). But overall, amazing.
Amazing and Free ★★★★★
This app is extremely powerful and enlightening. So many features included for free and so well designed and executed. Thank you.

Features at a glance

Astrological tools:
  • Chart for today or any date
  • Natal chart
  • Chart of transits
  • Chart of synastry
  • Progressed chart
  • Heliocentric view
  • Planetary hours calculator
  • Fixed stars and aspects
Personal library:
  • Any number of profiles
  • Personal events notifications
  • Geographically precise
  • Core astrological knowledge
Configure and extend:
  • All major house systems
  • Choice of planets and aspects
  • Tropical and sidereal zodiac
  • Add-ons to extend core functionality

Clean and concise presentation of information

Astrological software features

Planetary positions calculator

Time Nomad is an advanced planetary positions calculator software that ensures accurate birth chart calculations. The app can also build precise astrological charts for any given date within nearest centuries.

Major, minor planets and asteroids

Time Nomad uses accurate DE-430 ephemeris to calculate positions of all major and minor planets, including asteroids.

Fast natal chart calculator

Time Nomad not only precise, it is incredibly fast too. Astrological calculations perform instantly and do not require your device to be online — once you’ve created profiles, Time Nomad doesn’t require you to be online at all, all astrological calculations always performed on your device. You can literally use Time Nomad in a desert without any internet connection.

Astrological charts support any geographic location on planet Earth.

Learn more about how to build natal charts using Time Nomad.

Calculations of both Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac

Time Nomad software is unique in its ability to calculate both tropical and sidereal zodiac systems using high precision ephemeris.

You can freely switch between the two models of the Zodiac, pretty much every report offers both tropical and sidereal zodiac versions.

Astrological software features

Advanced astrological calculations

Time Nomad calculates your astrological transits, phases of the Sun and the Moon, movement of planets through the Zodiac, retrograde planets, Moon Void of Course, solar return, lunar returns, lunar month, solar-lunar arc, parallels and contra-parallels, etc.

For advanced astrological analysis, Time Nomad offers synastry and composite chart calculators as well as progressed chart calculator.

Astrological prediction tools

Time Nomad makes it easy to find out exact moments of aspects, transits and a number of other astrological and astronomical events.

For each event, the app provides two charts: a regular chart and a chart of transits for the easy analysis of astrological transits happening at that exact moment in time.

Learn more about how to calculate astrological events like aspects, transits and retrogrades using Time Nomad.

Fixed stars astrology

Time Nomad offers fixed stars calculations for both tropical and sidereal Zodiac systems. Fixed stars calculator comes with an extensive list of 107 stars and stellar objects that are of the most importance for astrological chart interpretation. The list of fixed stars includes fifteen Behenian stars, major galaxies, stellar clusters and nebulae as well as other stars with major astrological influence.

Astrological software with fixed stars charts

Both natal and regular charts include visual positions of the fixed stars including their aspects to the planets and all other major point of the chart.

Calculations of astrological aspects to the fixed stars are not limited to conjunctions, the user is free to search for other aspects, both major and minor.

Also included:

  • parallels to the fixed stars
  • rising, culminating and setting stars for any geographic locaton

The user if free to customise the aspects orbs to desired values.

Learn more about how to work with the fixed stars using Time Nomad.

Notifications about astrological events

Summary of upcoming astrological events is presented in both textual and timeline formats.

The app uses system notifications to send you daily updates about your transits and astrological events that are about to happen.

Astrological software with fixed stars charts

Planetary hours calculator

The app comes with a planetary hours calculator, planetary hours alarm and other tools to work with planetary days of the week.

Learn more about how to work with planetary hours using Time Nomad.

Unlimited astrological profiles

You can create an unlimited amount of personal astrological profiles. All data belongs to you and stored on your iCloud account. No login or registration required.

With Time Nomad you can analyse any number of natal charts — for yourself and other people.

Learn astrology

You can use Time Nomad to better understand astrology and answer the question “what is astrology” thus learning how to become a professional astrologer, with time.

The Time Nomad blog is a virtual astrology training for those who are interested in astrological studies or simply curious about how and why astrology works. Time Nomad will provide you with regular weekly astrology lessons and predictions. The app will be your virtual astrology teacher for years to come.