Welcome to the app’s features overview. You can use this page as a quick “cheat sheet” that can quickly take you through all major astrological functions of Time Nomad. This way you will be able to see the bigger picture of what you can achieve using the app.

Each feature offers a “read more” link that will take you to a detailed explanation of the functionality behind each feature.

Planetary hour widget for iPhone home screen

NEW Planetary Hour & Weekday widgets

Add new home screen widgets to display current planetary hour as well as the planetary day of the wek. The widget can be configured to produce an audio alarm or a text notification at the beginning of each hour.

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Screen layout

Time Nomad screen cosists of three areas. The iPad version below is shown for simplicity. The iPhone version is pretty much the same, the only difference being collapsed left and right panels.

Time Nomad astrology app screen layout

  • Left panel – create, select and edit profiles.
  • Right panel – select an astrological report.
  • Middle panel – shows the view for selected action.

Creating and editing profiles

Top left corner “plus” button brings up a profile creation menu.

Time Nomad menu to create astrological personal profile

This menu allows:

  • Create new profile
  • Edit profile library, including:
    • Rearrange profiles
    • Delete profiles

Configuring Time Nomad to your preferences

Next top left corner menu is the “cogwheel” settings menu. Make sure you use it to configure how you want Time Nomad to present astrological information.

Time Nomad application settings menu

In particular:

  • Planets you’re interested in
  • House system
  • Aspects
  • Orbs for aspects, transits and progressions
  • and other settings

Additionally, here you configure how widgets and notifications present themselves.

Astrological chart for now

One of the most used actions that show the chart for the person at their current geographical location.

Time Nomad astrological chart for today

The default chart view may not be how you want it. Use the “Show” button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Time Nomad astrological chart configuration

Pretty much every screen of Time Nomad has its own “Show” button that allows to fine-tune its presentation. Time Nomad will remember settings that you made for each screen and each person.

Pro tip: Explore the Show menu on each screen!

Moving through time

Time adjustment slider allows for quick exploration of astrological phenomena through time.

Time Nomad time adjustement

Two ways to operate:

  • Drag the handle
  • Tap left/right of the handle for incremental movement

If specific date and time is required, use “Date” button in the bottom right corner of pretty much every screen.

Time Nomad date and time adjustement

Two ways to operate:

  • Go to Selected Date & Time – will “lock” the app time at the given moment
  • Follow Current Date & Time - will “unlock” the app time and it will continue ticking along with current time

Time Nomad time stopped

In Go to Selected Date & Time mode the app time will remain locked to specified moment and will not start following current time until Follow Current Date & Time has been tapped.

Tip: Don't get stuck in time! Make sure "Follow Current Date & Time" is your current mode.

Numerical chart details

One of nice features of Time Nomad is “tap on the date” that brings up a numerical chart data popup. This works on every screen where the date is displayed at the top.

Time Nomad numerical details of astrological chart

Nothing beats a good overview of current numbers! Both tropical and sidereal Zodiac report is supported.

Lots of information presented in a compact way, ie:

  • Geographic coordinates of location
  • Local time and time zone
  • UTC time
  • Julian day
  • Hour angle
  • Sun/Moon phases
  • Planetary hour
  • Ayanamsa
  • Ecliptic and heliocentric coordinates of planets
  • Parallels and contra-paralles with declinations of planets
  • Planets in houses
  • Dignities
  • Triplicities
  • Quadruplicities
  • Mutual receptions

Real-time dashboard

The dashboard contains a plethora of current information, from both global and personal standpoints. Current events clearly highlighted.

Time Nomad astrological and astronomical dashboard

Global events components:

  • Solar cycle – equinoxes and solstices
  • Lunar cycle – phases of the Moon
  • Solar-lunar arc
  • Moon Void of Course
  • Lunar days
  • Retrograde planets

Personal components:

  • Solar and lunar returns
  • Solar-lunar arc
  • Most interesting transits

Tap to learn

Time Nomad provides with the foundational astrological knowledge, the app doesn’t intend to answer the “what does it mean for me” question, leaving this function to the interpreter’s skills. Yet the app provides a good amount of supporting astrological and astronomical information for pretty much every view that allows for insights and reflections to emerge.

Time Nomad planet in zodiac sign

Almost every screen element can be tapped to reveal its symbolism, mythological and physical components.

Time Nomad interpretation of astrological aspect between two planets

Global and personal events forecast

Time Nomad looks ahead and compiles a summary of what to expect in the coming days.

Time Nomad upcoming events

The Summary view shows punctual events in text format.

Time Nomad timeline of upcoming events

Two timeline views – World Events and Personal Events – show unfoldment of astrological aspects and transits through time.

Time Nomad events notifications

Turn on astrological events notifications by using the “Notify” button in the bottom right corner. Notifications arrive at the beginning of each day and are specific to that day.

There are two types of notifications:

  • World events, like phases of the Moon, aspects, etc.
  • Personal events, like transits, solar return, solar-lunar arc, etc.

Personal events can be switched on for more than one profile, meaning you will be receiving separate daily reports for each person. As always, the “Show” button allows you to configure which events to deliver, for example you may not be interested in certain aspects or would like to receive sidereal Zodiac events, or even both tropical and sidereal.

Widget for Notifications Center

Time Nomad comes with the Chart of Today widget that can be activated in iOS Notification Center and allows you to see the current chart right on your home screen, without opening the app.

Time Nomad iOS notification center astrological chart of today widget

The widget shows:

  • Phases of the Moon cycle
  • Personal solar-lunar arc cycle (if activated in the app settings)
  • Chart for today

Tap on “Show more” or “Show less” to switch between the modes.

Exploring chart in details

Several additional screens help to dig deeper into the current chart.

Time Nomad astrological chart details

Chart Details screen shows:

  • Planets in Zodiac
  • Planets in houses
  • Parallels and contra-parallels

Time Nomad list of astrological aspects

Aspects List screen allows to group aspects by body or aspects. Each aspect shows an orb and indicates if it’s an approaching or separating aspect.

Time Nomad timeline of astrological aspects

Even though each aspect culminates at a specific moment in time, it’s hardly always punctual event. Gradual unfoldment of each aspect through time is shown by Aspects Timeline screen. This report allows you to see how long does it take for the aspect to reach its full strength.

Time Nomad view of the solar system

Solar System view may offer a few additional insights into the planetary configuration. For example, it’s easy to see superior and inferior aspect – notice that the illustration shows Mercury and the Sun conjunct, specifically forming an inferior conjunction since Mercury (inferior planet) is in front of the Sun.

Planetary hour calculator

Planetary Hour, a tool in its own right, allows to explore the rhythm of planetary hours throughout the day. Planetary hour calculator provides precise planetary hours data for any date and location on Earth.

Time Nomad planetary hour calculator watch face

Use the scroller to access:

  • planetary hour alarm
  • watch face
  • list of hours for current day
  • heptagrams

Time Nomad planetary hour calculator list view

Planetary hour calculator also offers two heptagram views — one based on the sequence of days of the week, another is based on the sequence of planetary hours. Heptagrams is a powerful tool that tells about the qualities of time at a specific moment.

Time Nomad planetary hour calculator heptagram ordered by weekdays

Time Nomad planetary hour calculator heptagram ordered by hours

Chart of transits

Chart of Transits allows to explore current planetary configuration with respect to the personal natal chart.

Time Nomad astrological chart of transits

Transits List and Transits Timeline are similar to the above mentioned list of aspects and timeline of aspects views.

Time Nomad list of astrological transits

Transits Graph screen is designed to focus on each natal planet (in the middle circle) with its natal aspects shown above the line and transiting aspects shown below the line.

Time Nomad graph view of astrological transits

Graph view unwraps the circle into a line segment covering (-180° … +180°] arc.

Markers plotted along the line show locations of exact aspects. Transiting planets on the left of those marks are approaching aspects, while planets on the right of the marks are separating.

Chart of progressions

The idea behind progressions is to see how the natal chart develops throughout the years. Progressed chart is a natal chart moved forward one day for each year – ‘a-day-for-a-year’ progression. This technique is also known as secondary progression, major progression or secondary direction.

Time Nomad astrological chart of secondary progressions

Time Nomad app settings allow to specify how the angles are progressed. The following methods are supported:

  • True Solar arc in Longitude
  • True Solar arc in Right Ascension
  • Naibod in Right Ascension
  • Naibod in Longitude

When in doubt, use True Solar arc in Longitude.

Synastry charts

Synastry is analysis of two natal charts discovering relationships between the two. Time Nomad offers two ways of combining the charts with alignment by either Zodiac of the first house cusp.

Time Nomad astrological chart of synastry

Composite chart of synastry is a synthetic chart that is made by calculating midpoints between two natal charts. Having a composite chart presents an opportunity for transits analysis.

Time Nomad astrological composite chart of synastry

Time Nomad astrological transits of composite synastry chart

Transits of the composite chart can be analysed pretty much just like regular chart transits allowing to see the dynamics in the relationship between two natal charts.