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Denis Zubkov

The Moon cycle of the month of May finishes on June 3 with the New Moon taking place right in the middle of the Gemini sign of the Zodiac. Astrological nature of this event is influencing the upcoming June lunation in some prominent ways, mostly due to significant positioning of Mars and Jupiter at the time around the New Moon.

Firstly, Mars — a fast moving planet of fire, courage and anything inflammable — is rapidly moving towards its conjunction with the power axis of 2019 — the nodes of the Moon with Saturn and Pluto both retrograde oscillating around the South Node. Mars is due to exact conjunction with the North Node on June 12 shortly after the First Quarter on June 10.

Mars conjunction to one of the lunar nodes often produces some stimulating situations, and I don’t mean it in a bad way! You will be able to find some more information on the topic of Mars and the North Node further down the page in the Astrological Weather section.

The tricky part of this cycle is Mars opposition to Saturn that will become exact only 2 days later, on June 14. Keeping in mind that the event falls in between the First Quarter and the Full Moon, one may expect a somewhat simultaneous “push and pull”. Which part will win? We may only guess!

Back to what makes the New Moon of June 3 extra special:

  • the Moon nearly exactly opposed to Jupiter
  • the Moon nearly exactly square to Neptune
  • the Moon is still aligned with the fixed star Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus
  • the Sun, that is obviously conjunct with the Moon, is also parallel to the South Node

In other words, it’s a nice soup of influences:

  • drive versus indecision
  • fire that strives to find its way to the surface
  • the movement of withdrawal while still wanting to win
  • ambition yet necessity to deal with forgotten debt

I will attempt to say more about these forces down below. This period does require a good degree of realism while dealing with situations that can be not in our control regardless of what we tell ourselves. Here we have to accept that neither stubborn fighting nor entrenched denial won’t get us far. A good attitude is the one of acceptance while not forgetting to move forward… with certain caution and realism.

Staying real,

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Astrological Commentary

World events during May lunar month

Remember how in the previous issue I was writing about “separating emotions from reason” during the Moon–Mercury opposition?

That didn’t go well judging by the world news. Our politicians seem to be bent on using conflicts as a means to an end. Yet in some strange ways it feels satisfying to see that astrology helps us to explain this strange world and its propensity for hurting itself.

The latest intensification and solidification of the trade war between the US and China turned a moderately brewing conflict into an open confrontation that will eventually shape this world in ways that we can’t yet foresee. Nearly all components are already there, we may just sit back and enjoy the unfoldment.

This US-China breakup is so akin to the other passage of the previous issue “Venus and Uranus: eccentric love”:

Sudden break up of existing partnerships (and not only love-based ones) due to an unexpected Uranian glitch or seemingly minor problem amplified to the extreme by the most unconventional of planets.

It actually makes a perfect sense — the breakup of the economical romance between the US and China is happening in the area of technology and innovation that is ruled by Uranus.

Now all astrological eyes are turned towards June lunar month that is clearly a promising yet emotionally volatile time period when things may go either way.

Astrological Weather

Preparing for the next Moon cycle

The current chart is not defined by contradictions, quite the opposite, the planets are mostly talking to each other. Yet there is a certain need for caution: don’t make judgements too quickly, there are things out of our control and they may remind us of their existence. It’s vital to tap from joyous and optimistic energies on our way through this lunar month.

Let’s look into what it all means…

Astrological chart of New Moon at the moment of Jupiter opposition

Mars on the North Node

The North Node is about the future, it’s the point at which the Moon surfaces from below the southern half of the ecliptic. The node is the metaphor for the things to come. Mars is the planet of dynamism that loves to achieve and goes well with the direction of the North Node, especially when it nicely coincides with the new beginnings of the New Moon.

There is little doubt that there will be challenges and obstacles as indicated by Saturn and Pluto on the South Node and actively opposing the Marsian impetus. Luckily Saturn’s is retrograde movement should soothe its often overly cautious if not outwardly negative traits.

A good attitude this time is to positively accept challenges and match them with the force of enthusiasm, something that Jupiter is so full of!

The New Moon at the time of Jupiter retrograde

Naturally ambitious Jupiter is still somewhat limited by its retrograde movement that will last for another nine weeks until August 11.

This means that the success of the June Moon cycle largely depends on getting as much of Jupiterian energy as possible during the New Moon.

Luckily we have Neptune to the rescue. Neptune and Jupiter is a great match in heavens from the perspective of devotion, faith and idealistic vision. Neptune square is a manifesting aspect and it may channel some inspiring ideas that will compensate the retrograde effect of Jupiter’s movement.

Fixed star Aldebaran warms up the New Moon

While in the tropical Zodiac system the New Moon takes place in Gemini, the real night sky shows a different picture… with a disclaimer that one won’t be able to see the New Moon since it’s a Sun–Moon conjunction and thus invisible during the day.

The Moon is actually squarely in the constellation of Taurus and positioned exactly conjunct to Aldebaran just four hours before the New Moon moment. Aldebaran is a reddish star radiating energies akin to a combined nature of Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, it projects a good degree of warmth and generally works well with the Moon. The trick is to not get overly aroused by its Mars component while being receptive to the Jupiterian expansive energies contained within its pale rose light.

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Long-term events

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