Time Nomad and your data

The core approach of Time Nomad is that we don’t collect, store or share any of your personal information.

Some more details about your data

Identifiable data

All your recorded personal profile data stays local to your device and backed up on your iCloud account, meaning your personal data is never sent to Time Nomad or any third parties.

Your optional Time Nomad add-ons purchase data is exclusively handled by Apple via the App Store. Time Nomad doesn’t have access to the information about your personal purchases.

All financial transactions involved go through Apple’s App Store, so we never see any information about your credit card, or even your name. We quite literally have no idea who you are, unless you contact us.

How is your data shared with third parties?

Signing up for our newsletter or posting comments on the timenomad.app website is completely optional. If you choose to give us your email address on our mailing list signup form or comment entry form, your email will be sent to our newsletter service provider so we can email you occasionally. The newsletter is for informational purposes only, and will not be used to sell third-party products or services. We may, however, occasionally inform you of offers for our own products. Again, this newsletter service is completely optional. Time Nomad will behave no differently if you never sign up for the newsletter.

If you email support to ask for assistance, your email address and our conversations are not shared with anybody.

At your request, we will gladly delete your email and all historical conversations we have had during customer support transactions. We will never share any of those transactions with anyone else, unless you explicitly permit us to do so.

How is your data handled during support requests?

If you email us with a problem, we may ask you to provide some of your profile details or screenshots, as needed to assist with the problem. This data will only be used to help you solve your issue.

iCloud data

Time Nomad uses your iCloud account to back up your data and make it available across all your iOS and macOS devices. This data is stored by Apple in a secure location that we cannot access. Only your devices logged into your AppleID will ever have access to this data.

If you wish to permanently delete all of your iCloud data stored by Time Nomad, please use “Import/Export Data” function of Time Nomad app and then choose “Delete my data”.

To learn more about how Apple stores your iCloud data, visit their privacy web site:


Anonymous data captured in-app

Time Nomad developers only use fully anonymous data provided by the Apple ecosystem, ie crash logs. Such data is only collected if the user agrees to allow sharing data with app developers via a standard prompt that appears durings major iOS and iPadOS upgrades. This choice applies to all apps, not just Time Nomad.