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Denis Zubkov

The current Full Moon of May 18 coincides with a creative and always unexpected Venus–Uranus conjunction that becomes exact just 5 hours before the moment of the Full Moon. Further down the page in the Astrological Weather section we will be looking into how Uranus brings some potentially surprising twists to Venusian domain of romance and relationships. A small hint: never underestimate originality of Uranus when it comes to love affairs!

The second half of this Moon cycle is going to be influenced by a couple other astrological events that may cause a certain release of unnecessary complex psychological patterns. What caught my eye is the level of involvement of this lunar cycle with the ongoing Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This conjunction may impact us through both feelings and reasoning. And that’s always a recipe for complexity.

What I am talking about is both the Sun–Mercury conjunction and the Sun–Moon opposition that will receive the ongoing Saturn–Pluto conjunction grind in a more than usual amount. Already we are witnessing a few hints on the global political arena that some things are moving out of whack:

  • The US–China trade disagreement got worse
  • The US state of Alabama passed a medieval anti-abortion law
  • The situation with Iran continues to be artificially inflated by forces interested in war and conflict as opposed to negotiations
  • In the UK, Theresa May is on an exiting trajectory from her PM seat

In my view, there’s a lot of emotional confusion and lack of clear reasoning that is influencing this lunar month. Saturn–Pluto conjunction is currently impacting both the Moon and Mercury letting things get stirred way beyond necessary.

This period presents a chart that is rich with aspects: lots of conjunctions, oppositions and trines. Having too much of everything makes the situation confusing and our actions may become irrational. The Featured Story will look at the power of astrological aspects and will attempt to answer the question of why interpretation of aspects is the ultimate foundation of any serious astrological work.

Weaving and undoing,

Major astrological aspects and sacred geometry

Featured story

Astrological aspects and sacred geometry

Aspects that the bodies of an astrological chart form between themselves provide a rich underlying framework for natal chart interpretations.

The power of aspects comes directly from the domain of sacred geometry, a universal set of principles that connects us with structure of the Universe. Each astrological chart is a kind of still photograph or a snapshot of planetary dispositions at some point in time, typically the moment of your birth. Yet there is more to that.… continue reading

Discovering planetary energies

A lesson in relativity — Labradorite and its Mercury–Moon nature

Labradorite gemstone and its Mercury–Moon nature

Everything is relative! Our perception depends on the angle we take to look at things. Go a bit deeper and change the angle… what looked grey before may suddenly explode with an “Aurora Borealis” luminance simply because you allowed the light to penetrate the surface.

The synergy of the two celestial planetary archetypes — Mercury and the Moon — is perfectly captured by Labradorite down here on Earth. Therefore you can facilitate the connection with these transformative energies in your life by working with this gemstone.

Mercury is a multicoloured planet, it establishes bridges between polarities and understands both sides of an equation. The Moon archetype is of a reflective, multiplying and intuitive nature that works well with Mercurial agility and flexibility.

Watch a couple of beautiful videos 🌈 about Labradorite, learn more about this gemstone, its planetary energies and what brings its magical “Aurora Borealis” to life… continue reading

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Astrological Weather

Handling lunar fullness and romantic eccentricity

The current chart presents at least two chapters that are worthy of discussion:

  • Venus–Uranus conjunction
  • Full Moon coinciding with Sun–Mercury in sextile and trine aspect to Saturn–Pluto

Let’s look at each.

Astrological chart of Full Moon at the moment of Venus–Uranus conjunction

The Moon and Mercury: separating emotions from reason

The rectangular formation highlighted in yellow on the chart brings a conflict between emotions that belong to the Moon domain and reasoning that is a function of Mercury. 

This Moon cycle is marked by reasonable communication negatively influenced by old unresolved debts of misunderstanding, or even karma that comes from Saturn, Pluto and the South Node — all three bodies have direct connection to karmic forces.

During the second half of this lunar month the lines of communication may break down replaced by seemingly puzzling emotional and self-centric behaviour. In such times, the ability to stay open and not being carried away by “here I am certainly right” attitude will repay itself — provided understanding that time and patience, both being Saturn qualities, often change things in a more reliable manner than any short lived conflict.

Realising inherent weakness of any emotional state, it is wise to let reasoning steer the ship through turbulent seas.

Venus and Uranus: eccentric love

This one is fun! Uranus demands originality and when it comes to Venus and its values towards love and relationships in general, the two planets take human engagement to the next level full of surprises — equally entertaining and electrifying.

As much as Venus loves romance and beauty, Uranus likes to add an unconventional twist to pretty much everything it touches. Both humorous and erratic, Uranus is unpredictable by its very nature.

Venus–Uranus conjunction may equally signify a beginning of a new and unusual relationship as well as a sudden break up of existing partnerships (and not only love-based ones) due to an unexpected Uranian glitch or seemingly minor problem amplified to the extreme by the most unconventional of planets. 

Every person who has strong Uranus energy is revolutionary and independent at their core. And if you are on the “receiving end” then a better strategy is to embrace your partner’s eccentricity and erratic traits rather than try to correct them. Uranus gets electrified very quickly by to any seemingly minor friction. Well, it always thrives on unexpected and the best attitude is to introduce humour. Uranus people love witty and sharp humour, that’s where Venusian creative flair can make real miracles when it comes to either romantic relationship or a business partnership.

Out of all planets, it’s perhaps Venus that can handle Uranus the best. It knows how to blend seduction and creativity, how to use the force of inspiration that Uranus adores. Venus knows how to be unusual and out of this world. Beauty is the force that is able to reach everyone, and Uranus loves that feeling.

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Long-term events

Saturn–Pluto conjunction is currently separating at 2.8º orb as both Saturn and Pluto are in retrograde until September 18 and October 3 respectively. The date of the exact conjunction is scheduled for Jan 13, 2020. Read the story about this event that happens once in about 38 years and its possible repercussions.