Deep astrology is like a lighthouse during the storm

Astrology may not make you a ton of money but it is very helpful in preventing big losses that may easily amount to millions of dollars. Arguably being rich is the equivalent of not losing what you have right now. Practicing “deep astrology” is about long-term prediction and vision of the future.

Have you ever been to an astrological reading, or perhaps have given some? The most common line of questions is — more often than not — about gaining something: a greater love, a better job, tangible financial improvement. Those questions reflect the natural human aspiration towards improving the current situation, bringing novel and richer experiences of life.

The whole economy of astrological services has been built around the perennial question of “will I get rich and lucky in love?” This is “astrology lite” that has been traditionally targeted at mass market and appeals to the human nature of having desires.

Yet, at the time of crisis — like the Year 2020 of Coronavirus — a deeper underlying reality of this ever-morphing world reveals a tad more of its predominantly hidden nature to the eye of a keen observer. The depth of astrological insight is gaining an increasingly objective value when it comes to anticipating tectonic shifts affecting the society and its economy… and reminding us about being prudent in avoiding making wrong moves.

Discerning between depth and surface

The pleasure of surface lies in its immediate availability. You know, phases of the Moon and Mercury retrograde will never cease to send ripples through Twitter. They are of predominantly entertaining value, as arguably both the Moon and Mercury are the two fastest bodies and relate directly to the spheres of thoughts, feelings and emotions. They are astrological powerhouses of “here and now” that can be placed under the “oops, I did it again” category of planetary influences.

The challenge of depth is of a magnitude harder but its gratification is of a much more significant nature. It reminds us of those mythological deep ocean divers who go through immense perils and hardships in order to discover and retrieve sunken treasures.

Luckily we don’t need to risk our lives to do “deep astrology” — it’s accessible to everyone who is willing to postpone the addictive chase of the Moon’s rabbit and focus on the slow and significant.

Astrology is about predictions, right?

Very broadly speaking, astrology addresses two kinds of questions:

  • Where do I come from?
  • What kind of future awaits me?

The first question is akin to psychoanalysis, it explores the roots of personality and its dominant traits providing the client with a framework for self-understanding and, more importantly, self-appreciation — it may come as a complete surprise but one of the predominant personal problems is hidden self-hatred, the lack of self-acceptance. The therapeutic function of astrology allows the client to make peace with themselves, to plant the seeds for their genuine self-appreciation. Better love life naturally develops as the result of profound astrological readings — and the second question’s answer has the chance to materialise itself.

It can be said that in the context of personal readings astrology doesn’t really predict much, it rather reveals latent potential.

The predictive side of astrology can be experienced when the astrological insight dissects the world’s progress through time. Observing changes in planetary patterns through larger periods of time, one may discover (and thus successfully predict) significant future events, the kind of events that influence each and everybody, just like it is witnessed by us during the year of 2020 via its unstoppable tectonic changes.

When experts fail

Given complexity of the modern world, it is much safer to acknowledge that we don’t fully understand it, at least financially.

There’s no better way to become bankrupt than to keep following experts’ advices. Experts do what they do because that’s how they get paid while remaining safe and not having “skin in the game”. Any financial expert who can actually demonstrate lasting success following their own ideas will immediately cease teaching because common knowledge destroys competitive advantage.

Astrology, when practiced at the deep level, does allow to see certain milestones through which the world is guaranteed to pass — so that we can take off our preferred rosy glasses and free up some time to better prepare and adjust for the future.

Indeed, there is time in plenty. Deep astrological vision enables the discovery of larger and slower planetary cycles that follow one another with predictable regularity and equally predictable action on the world and its citizens. We may not necessarily guess the nature of the action in advance but there is a number of techniques that help us fireproof our lives and gain that completive advantage that experts aren’t aware of.

Crises are about prediction and preparation

Preparation is the key to survival and prosperity that follows. I’ve seen way too many people taking on massive mortgages and increasing business debt while shrugging away any warnings about a high probability of economical implosion.

“Who knew!” they exclaim now. Well, some astrologers cetainly did.

Significant astrological events like Saturn–Pluto–Jupiter conjunction of 2020 don’t happen every other year (in fact this kind of event is super rare) but we do know when they occur with absolute certainty — years, decades and centuries in advance.

An obvious predictive technique would be to look at the symbolism of Saturn–Pluto conjunction in the tropical sign of Capricorn. While it have been elucidated at length in “The timeline of Saturn – Pluto conjunction of years 2019–2020–2021 and its karmic meaning” it can be summarised as “a stress test of structures by the force of pressure and inner tension”.

This is the stress test under which no house of cards stands a chance. It doesn’t take much to see the most obvious house of cards — the current financial system has been purposefully “liberated” since the Reagan/Thatcher era that unsurprisingly began around the previous Saturn–Pluto conjunction of 1981–1982–1983. You see, that kind of change takes years to fully develop and solidify itself into tangible reality. It’s not a punctual happening, it’s a process that needs time to mature.

Ironically, the economical “liberation” has began under the sign of… Libra. Balance of the scales has been tilted away from prudent equilibrium towards speculative opportunism and financial laissez-faire, a model of “the achiever is always right”.

US President Ronald Reagan with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at Camp David, 1984
Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were charismatic leaders in charge of a great deal of economic innovation during their enduring governships in 1980s. Equally applauded and criticised, they have been instrumental in demolishing social institutions and safety nets in favour of free and liberal current branch of capitalism now well known as “neoliberalism” which brought immense opportunities to some while effectively “optimising” the common folk out of financial equation.

Now, at the time of Capricornian reckoning of 2020 the houses of cards and Ponzi schemes of wealth come under the scrutiny of natural laws and if the universe takes its due course, one shouldn’t bet too much on a V-shaped recovery.

How would the mythological “deep astrologer” prepare in advance? A few common sense measures can be:

  • clear any financial debt as much as possible
  • cancel online subscriptions, they’re a waste of money
  • decrease financial footprint, be ready to move out
  • get out of non-essential “consulting” type of jobs
  • acquire essential skills that are always needed by other humans
  • diversify income if possible, again avoiding the consulting sector
  • if all fails be ready to declare bankruptcy with minimum loss
  • and move on!

If such preparations have been made then Saturn–Pluto conjunction doesn’t come as a nasty kick in the guts but rather as an expected and much required adjustment.

Any potential future opportunities will be much more accessible to those who have that kind of readiness and extra flexibility.

So we passed through this storm, what’s next?

It’s simple, always be ready for the next one. Watch the cycles of big planets especially Jupiter (~12 years) and Saturn (~29.5 years) and all aspects they make.

Trans-saturnian planets are powerful too but their periods are even slower and are of somewhat hidden nature mirroring their huge distances from the Earth and lack of visibility by the naked eye.

On the other hand, events produced by the fixed stars are of punctual, sharp nature — as discussed in the “Influence of the Fixed Stars, an astrological interpretation of Notre-Dame de Paris fire, 15 April 2019” story.

Looking much deeper into the future… a “really big event” will be the next Saturn–Pluto conjunction of years 2053–2054:

  • an exact conjunction will happen thrice, just like the one that started the first World War, and
  • Saturn–Pluto will also cluster with the South Node around 14 December, 2053

Some very big changes are due to happen in 2050s — a mere 33 years from now, giving us enough time to plan and act wisely.

Until then, watch out for Jupiter and its influence on the stocks and economy.

“Deep astrology” is about macro level

The “deep astrology” is about working at the macro level, becoming aware of long term planetary cycles that will never cease to shake this material world and forcefully morph our own circumstances.

At the personal level, a deep astrological observer can benefit from their understanding of time patterns and plan their steps following the future planetary patterns — acting independently from popular “market trends” promoted by the experts and avoiding the herd mentality pitfalls.

For the rest of us, who are not billionaires, winning is more often about not losing what little we already have. That’s the wisdom of “deep astrology”.