Moon cycle, created by Time Nomad app

Outcome of medical and other health related procedures could benefit if planned and scheduled in advance. This approach allows for a better healing flow as being in sync with the dynamics of nature allows to ‘surf’ the momentum of natural forces in a situation when every bit of extra help is more than welcome.

A short and sharp summary before venturing into the topic.

It could be wise to plan medical or health related procedures in advance, ideally avoiding a few days (at least 24 hours) around the following events:

  • the New Moon
  • lunar return
  • solar-lunar arc

Medicine, healing and astrology

Utilising the knowledge of astrology for health improvement is a centuries old idea widely acknowledged by medical professionals and healers in the pre-scientific epoch.

A surprisingly refreshing excerpt from Chris O’Brien hospital in Sydney, Australia newsletter issue, spring/summer 2018:

“As a Buddhist, Malkie (the patient) follows a family tradition of consulting with a Buddhist monk for auspicious dates and times for major events. Dr Shivalingam and her team ensured that Malkie’s surgery fell on 1 June, a date that the monk recommended, without the prejudice that Malkie says she would have expected elsewhere.”

It makes sense that the patient decided to consult with a practitioner who understands the rhythms of nature and can recognise auspicious moments when surgery would take on a smoother trajectory.

What would it take to be able to see own health’s dynamics in an astrological chart?

Syncing with natural flows vs. fixing things yourself

That’s pretty much the whole idea in a nutshell. The modern world pushes us into a incessant ‘break the limits’ mode. Yet there are times when surfing a natural wave is easier and more productive than being tangential to the forces of nature.

Perhaps this idea also somewhat resonates with the Zen approach that finds its silent dynamics in the momentum of vacuum and emptiness, in other words allowing for natural unfoldment.

Forces within astrological chart

It’s been well observed that the Moon is strongly related to the person’s health. The Moon is a powerful force and bringing its rhythms and cycles into our awareness is a very good starting point.

The Moon relates to the principle of soma in the Hindu tradition, the archetypal force of life behind all forms of life. The Moon force is flowing inside each human body and is following certain basic rhythms.

Phases of the Moon

The Moon cycle starts from the emptiness of the New Moon, peaks in fullness during the full Moon, applies the generated power at the last quarter, then wanes back into the void.

The time around the New Moon is marked by the internalisation of our energy, we may feel somewhat empty and vulnerable. Hence such times are better be avoided for anything that requires surgery as the surgical procedure would cut too ‘deeply’, energetically speaking, and could result in longer recovery and potential damages at the deeper energetic level.

Natal chart and its solar-lunar arc

If the time of birth is known and exact, the natal chart shows the angle between the Sun and the Moon at the moment of birth. This is known as a solar-lunar arc and it happens each lunar cycle. Time Nomad shows solar-lunar arc on the dashboard view, keep in mind that this event is not precisely timed but rather lasts about a day or so.

Solar-lunar arc presents a personal ‘starting point’ of life and the relationship between the creative and the reflective, being the Sun and the Moon at the personal level. It’s a point of balance. Notice how you feel around the time. This time isn’t the best for a medical intrusion as it may push things out of balance due to the jing (life force) being too open and vulnerable.

And finally, the lunar return

It’s worth keeping an eye on this one too. Lunar return happens when the Moon transits the natal Moon, meaning finds itself at the same chart location as the natal Moon. This position can be seen as a personal New Moon moment, the beginning of life. The Moon is gathering forces from its natal zodiac sign.

Moon events of this kind aren’t precisely clocked but can rather be seen as a 24-hour time window around the exact moment.

Any other influences?

Probably yes but that would be outside of general day-to-day awareness and would require a personal astrological chart analysis. The Moon cycles are easy to understand, feel and relate to — a much healthier dynamic may come out of simple practice of bringing those cycles into one’s awareness.