Natal or birth chart calculator

An accurate astrological natal chart, also known as a birth chart, is built by performing precise astronomical calculations of planetary positions using fast software algorithms.

An accurate astrological natal chart, also known as a birth chart, is built by performing precise astronomical calculations of planetary positions using fast software algorithms.

Time Nomad is an advanced astrological software that ensures accurate birth chart calculations. The app can also build precise astrological charts for any given date within nearest centuries, right from the convenience of your pocket.

Astrological calculations of natal charts are performed instantly and do not require your device to be online — once you’ve created personal profiles, Time Nomad doesn’t need an Internet connection, all astrological calculations always performed on your device. You can literally use Time Nomad in a desert without any connection and still be able to obtain precise natal charts.

All types of astrological charts calculated by the software — natal chart, current chart, chart of transits, synastry chart — support any geographic location on the planet Earth.

Preparing your data for natal chart calculations

Before a birth chart can be build, the software needs to know a few basic facts:

  • place of your birth
  • local date and time of your birth

The software will attempt to calculate UTC time that corresponds to the local time of your birth. UTC or Universal Coordinated Time is time at Greenwich meridian in the UK. This means that UTC time is almost never the same as your local time, even if you were born in London! That’s because London belongs to a specific time zone that may have DST applied. On the other hand, UTC time is “pure” and universal for the whole of planet Earth with no daylight saving applied.

The following steps will guide through a process of creating your personal profile and calculating your birth chart.

Step 1: Create a personal profile

The software displays all available profiles in the left panel that can be accessed by tapping on the current profile name.

The profiles are organised into a few broad categories: people, companies, world trends and geographic locations.

List of astrological profiles

To create a new personal profile, use the “+” menu in the top left corner.

The screen below shows the form for a personal profile creation. You will need to fill out short name (full name is optional), then tell the app the place of your birth and date and time of your birth.

Astrological profile creation

Once you have entered the date and time of your birth, the software will attempt to find out matching UTC time and will display a confirmation of success. At this stage an Internet connection is required.

If the software failed to define UTC time — for example the Internet connection wasn’t available or you are located in the country that blocks Google services — you will have an option to manually enter UTC time. You can use any online resource that can provide this information and then manually enter UTC time.

That’s it, the profile is almost ready, just one more small step left.

Step 2: Specify your current geographic location

Some people live in the same city where they were born, others move a lot and change cities and countries.

Astrological chart calculations require the knowledge of your current geographic location, or simply put “where in the world are you, right now?”

Before proceeding to your natal chart, the software will ask you about your current geographic location. If you will require to change your current location, use the very bottom “Current Location” button in the right panel that contains all sorts of astrological reports.

Astrological reports menu

Once on the “Current Location” screen, choose from a few geographic options that are available.

Geographic location form

Note that you can also enter numeric geographic coordinates, meaning latitude and longitude of the place.

Editing, deleting and rearranging profiles

In the future you will likely need to edit, delete or rearrange existing profiles. This functionality can be found behind the “Edit library” button as illustrated below.

Astrological profiles action menu

Once in the “Edit library” view, you can:

  • delete a profile by swiping it to the left
  • edit a profile by tapping “Edit” button
  • rearrange profiles by using “Manage” button in the top right corner

The screenshot below illustrates the actions that you can take to edit, delete and change the order of your astrological profiles.

Editing, deleting and rearranging astrological profiles

Working with the natal chart

The natal chart screen will be available from the “Birth Moment” section of astrological reports on the right side panel of the screen.

Once there, you will be presented with a graphical view of your birth chart and a number of accompanying options for fine tuning the chart.

Astrological birth chart

Tapping on the chart will display a popup with positions of the planets in the Zodiac signs and astrological aspects between the planets.

Astrological chart aspects

For each personal profile, the software offers two kinds of astrological charts — natal chart and chart of moment.

“Natal Chart” is fixed in time and corresponds to the moment of birth as defined in the profile.

“Chart for Now” shows the astrological chart for the current moment and updates it in real time, meaning it will update the chart calculations every minute.

“Chart of Now” can also point to any moment in time. The “Date” button in the bottom right corner of the screen allows for the entry of date and time.

Astrological chart date control

The “Date” button presents a popup where you can set date a time or reset the chart time to its default mode.

Astrological chart date and time

Note that you can always use “Follow Current Date & Time” to return the software to the real-time mode.

Another way to adjust the date of the chart is to use the date slider at the bottom of the screen. You can either drag the handle or simply tap on the left/right sides of the slider to move along the time line by the amount specified under the “Show” button menu.

Astrological natal chart date and time adjust

The “Show” button opens up a menu that controls the presentation side of the birth chart.

Astrological natal chart controls

The menu offers a range of options that define what information is presented on the chart.

For example, “Local chart” shows the chart of the current geographic location. “World chart” will render the same chart but without geographic specifics.

Other adjustable features include the Zodiac wheel style, houses, cardinal points (the angles) and aspects with minor bodies.

Astrological chart information options

More often than not, a natal chart graphics will display a lot of aspect lines making it difficult to analyse what is going on, it’s too visually busy.

The second slider allows to choose what aspects the chart should display. Drag the slider or tap on left/right side to show/hide aspects of interest.

Astrological chart aspects and transits controls