Now and the future

Coronavirus as the “can opener”

Obviously we need to talk about coronavirus and stocks and oil prices and how the world is turning into a crazier place than it was just a few months ago. For a trained astrologer it’s a case study of long term trends that happen to be culminating not unlike an ocean wave that swells and reaches higher and higher up. Those who surf in ocean know how to read waves, so should we, astrology enthusiasts.

Forget recent Mercury retrograde, it’s not an astrologically heavyweight planet even though it can throw a spanner or two into the well oiled machinery of human interactions — those events are of a local nature mostly impacting businesses and personal relationships.

Twitter is full of attention to the movements of the Moon. And rightfully so, the Moon rules over fleeting emotions as well as fast reproducing rabbits. It travels swiftly and touches us through the layers of feeling and emotional response. Moon’s influence is of a short lived nature, just look at the recent stock crash, the things went “back to normal” for a day, then started going down again, and so on… That’s a typical Moon infused behaviour of crowds since stock buying and selling is so emotionally driven. Stuff like that doesn’t always coincide with Moon phases except for when things are already somewhat out of whack due to more serious influences.

Let’s go through some…

Saturn–Pluto conjunction is a “broad brush” event with influence spanning the years 2019, 2020 and a bit of 2021. The gravity centre is on 2020, the year hosts two extremums that fall on January, 12 and October, 4 with retrograde phases of both Saturn and Pluto in between. This is a dense period of time and the world is waking up to the new realities where it’s the Nature itself that challenges human structure and societal resilience.

The Full Moon of March, 9 pretty much coincided with so much underreported Sun–Neptune conjunction. I was surprised that this event went rather unnoticed. One of the driving forces behind coronavirus is Neptune that is apart from all its lofty qualities is also the planet that rules over pollution and dissolution of boundaries, as viral as it gets! The spike of Corvid-19 cases in Italy pretty much illustrates the point. We can intuit that Full Moon during Sun–Neptune results in certain health problems that have to do with the lack of boundaries and coronavirus is the prime suspect!

Next influence is another “missed” aspect of conjunction between the Black Moon and Chiron that peaked on March, 3 but will continue to project its energy until July, 18. Mythologically speaking, Chiron is the healer of deep wounds and being aligned with the Black Moon can be seen as a force that opens up the wounds so that they can be healed. Chiron–Black Moon conjunction is also square to the Nodes, meaning that we have to deal with the wounds that tamper our past–to–future passage, aka the karmic debt

Next… a much faster aspect is Venus–Uranus conjunction that takes place between February, 28 and March, 18 with exact moment falling on March, 8. It makes a symbolic sense to see unlucky Uranian influence striking Italy during that time since Italy is closely linked to Venus in terms of planetary energies.

Astrological charts for the Full Moon of 9 March 2020
Chart of the Full Moon, 9 March 2020.

On top of all that, we have the red headed Mars’ arrow piercing through the cluster of three planets — Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. An extremely dense passage, Mars–Jupiter conjunction is on March 20, Mars–Pluto conjunction is on March 23 and Mars–Saturn conjunction is on March 31 with the final separation occurring on April, 16. Mars is the symbol of cutting, direct and aggravating influences. I bet it’s gonna hurt! 

Astrological charts for Vernal Equinox of 2020, March 19
Chart of Vernal Equinox, 19 March 2020.

The upcoming Vernal Equinox on March, 19 further highlights healing as the problem that the world needs to focus on. At the equinox the Sun joins Chiron and Black Moon, all square to the Nodes, setting the course for the whole next astrological and astronomical year: humanity should focus on its physical health, improve its relationship with the Nature and tend to the world’s unhealthy financial and societal structures.

Wonders of changes,

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Discovering energies of crystals

Howlite — the gemstone of Purity, Unity and Harmony

Golden pendant with howlite gemstone on leafy background

Let’s talk about White

In nature white colour in its pure form is very rare among gemstones. Actually opaque white doesn’t exist at all with only one exception…

This exception is Howlite — a semi precious gemstone of white colour with veins of other minerals running through it. Someone may say it’s reminiscent of white marble — however marble is not used in jewellery, so we will leave it aside for now.

We love Howlite for its graceful elegance and purifying simplicity. Howlite is associated with Crown chakra (mind and thoughts) and known for its ability to calm overactive mind and release stresses of all kinds. Well, honestly who doesn’t need it these days? Howlite is like a quintessence from “celestial highness”, a touch of angelic presence if you wish. Astrologically speaking, it doesn’t correspond to any particular planetary energy — it rather unites all the planetary energies in one celestial principle and connects us to purity and harmony.

Read more about purifying nature of white Howlite — plus learn how they fake Turquoise and what you need to know to avoid buying fake gemstones…

Lara Gems, founder of Gems In Style jewellery Lara Gems,
Gemstone Strategist and Founder of Gems In Style Jewellery